No country is too far,
No dream is too big!

The best tutors are
just a click away!

The best of what you can learn
is not in any book!

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In this Information Age where Professional Education picks up every dynamic characteristic of the Global Village, we see ourselves as efficient facilitator of learning in a Holistic Education Model. We offer services under four Heads – Study Abroad, Study Tours, Online Study & Career Guidance.
For us, no Country is too far, no Dream is too big.


We will help you secure admission to the Education Program of your choice, across international boundaries. Our Study Tours to the most prestigious & challenging Organizations around the Globe, like NASA of the USA, will give you the best practical lessons. Our Online Education services, which employ professional tutors in a superior software environment, make the most of the ‘Study Anytime, Anywhere’ feature of the Technological World. Our Career Guidance services will put you on the right path to a Career that suits your aspirations, and which aligns with your inborn talents & tastes.

Study Abroad


Language Abroad

Any language in the world; to the desired level of speaking/writing proficiency; in an environment of your choice



Any foundation course in the world; combined with career counseling, stay & other admin support services


University Programs

Any professional education program in the world; with career guidance, stay & other admin support services

Study Tours


Trip to NASA

The trip of a lifetime; with every step and minute well-planned and systematically managed


Vacation Camps

Combining fun & education, leisure & engagement, play & practice, freedom & responsibility


Study Tours

See the best of both local & global; experience the practical; touch the real; know the unknown

Study Online


School Subjects

Engage with our Online Tutors for lessons on a variety of subjects. Contact us to book a free demo session today!



Whether you want a quick, accelerated revision session, or a full-fledged training course, we have the right tutor and program for you!


Miscellaneous Topics

Be it Music, or Computer Programming, or Cookery, or anything else you want to learn online, contact us to get going!

Career Guidance


Psychometric Assessments

We help you identify your personality type, mental capabilities & natural skills, and choose a Career Path that suits them


Career Guidance Programs

A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step! We will help you take the perfect first step that leads to your destination


University Visits

Professional Education is extremely critical to one’s Career and Life as a whole! Begin with adequate preparation & guidance


To give you premium quality service, we have partnered with some of the top players in the Industry who share the same commitment, passion and drive as ours. We appreciate the fact that success is a team work where the give-and-take attitude plays a crucial role.



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