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In this Information Age where Professional Education picks up every dynamic characteristic of the Global Village, we see ourselves as efficient facilitator of learning in a Holistic Education Model. We offer services under four Heads – Study Abroad, Study Tours, Online Study & Career Guidance.
For us, no Country is too far, no Dream is too big.

We will help you secure admission to the Education Program of your choice, across international boundaries. Our Study Tours to the most prestigious & challenging Organizations around the Globe, like NASA of the USA, will give you the best practical lessons. Our Online Education services, which employ professional tutors in a superior software environment, make the most of the ‘Study Anytime, Anywhere’ feature of the Technological World. Our Career Guidance services will put you on the right path to a Career that suits your aspirations, and which aligns with your inborn talents & tastes.


Language ABROAD

Any language in the world; to the desired level of speaking/writing proficiency; in an environment of your choice


Any foundation course in the world; combined with career counseling, stay & other admin support services

University Programs

Any professional education program in the world; with career guidance, stay & other admin support services



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We are specialized in placing students into undergraduate programs in USA, Canada and UK. Our experienced professionals will provide end-to-end support on Training, Documentation, Applications, Visa and orientations at various stages of the admission process.

We recommend students to join us when they are in Grade 11. This would help them complete their training on SAT & IELTS/TOEFL comfortably. In addition, submit the applications well in advance. Note that there's no need to wait till the Grade 12 results are out.

Registering here will enable you to participate in our weekly webinars. You will also be contacted to take things forward.

We provide admissions to medical programs Georgia, Ukraine, Malaysia & Russia.


Animal/Veterinary Science


Art, Design, Music



Education & Teaching

Engineering & Technology

Fashion Designing

Hair, Beauty & Personal Care

Health Sciences

Hospitality & Tourism

Humanities & Social Sciences

IT & Computing

Language & Linguistics


Mass Communication & Media

Performing Arts


Sports & Games Management