Beyond the Everyday – Shreya Joe

Oct 16, 2020


Abstract and Deep Sense arts…. big name huh! but the content’s even more bigger. Teens these days are so productive that I wonder am barren. To be honest, I don’t know how they manage to do such a good job every single time. Head down to these paintings and you will see it for yourself. These are some abstract and deep sense arts by Shreya.

Grade 12
Loyola Junior College, Pashan, Pune
Friendship and love and Happiness

Friends forever

This painting here falls into sensational category, it says everything about Friendship, if I had to describe it; In this colorful world lies happiness and love, if there wasn’t a thing called a friend, then that would be straight boring life. The love between a friend is forever. The infinity symbol shows it all. If this doesn’t make you happy then I don’t know what will.


Colourful geometric Abstract Art

Geometric abstract art

This here is an abstract art, the painting itself says it’s name. I love this type of art, simply because its colorful, unexplainable and just abstract…


There are some more of em’ down the page. Describing them all would be a very tough job.

Colourful natural abstract art

Colourful nature leaf art


Black and Blue Nature Paintings

The night forest and the blue sky.


Libra painting

The Zodiac Sign Libra holding the Balance.


Good work, young lady!
Keep drawing, keep improving, keep growing!





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  1. Smintu says:

    Wow….I must say you really are good at paintings. I loved all your paintings although ‘The Night Forest and The Blue Sky’ is my favorite. Way to go Shreya!

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