Brilliant Artists of WMC, Riyadh

Sep 8, 2020


I might only know to sharpen the pencil to its finest, but these miraculous artists know to sharpen their art to its finest beauty, moreover they are the First prize winners in the World Malayalee Council’s art competition held during the Onam celebration this year at Riyadh.

You are really hitting your stride!

Afreen Shehzadi

Afreen Shehzadi
Grade 9, International Indian Public School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Afreen's Artwork


Al Alisha Nijas

Al Alisha Nijas
Grade 11, Al Yasmin International School, Malaz, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



Good work, young ladies!
Keep drawing, keep improving, keep growing!




5 responses to “Brilliant Artists of WMC, Riyadh”

  1. Shinas kasim says:

    Great going Afreen. Wonderful work. Proud of you.

  2. faisal says:

    Excellent work by young Artist. Amazing talent. Hope for their bright future.

  3. Manz Thomas says:

    Good ,congratulations!

  4. Anas Sheikh Ibrahim says:

    Fantastic she is really talented

  5. Mohammad younus mir says:

    Very nice and realistic painting by afreen and al Alisha. God bless you both with future success.

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