Empowering KIDS

Colorful Depictions of small minds – Shruthi Joe

One of the most important activities a student can do is drawing. Not only does it provide the framework for other artistic practices, such as painting, sculpture and printmaking, but it also provides a clear connection to reading, writing and

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“Know Your Child First” Book by Dr. K.R. Jayachandran

The duty of parents to “Know Your Child First” is critical in today’s Information Age like never before. The numerous options as well as challenges that this age presents in the fields of higher education, career opportunities, and professional &

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Sathwik’s Nature Photography

Say Cheese!… cause here’s an ambitious photographer who loves to snap what he sees. In fact, He defines nature photography through his clicks and shares it to the world. He indeed lives and adores the nature and his mind works

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Beyond the Everyday – Shreya Joe

Abstract and Deep Sense arts…. big name huh! but the content’s even more bigger. Teens these days are so productive that I wonder am barren. To be honest, I don’t know how they manage to do such a good job

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Sisa’s Best Friends Forever

Everything you see has something featuring behind it, surprisingly we humans make those stories because we are the only ones to have the mind to understand. Talking of stories, why don’t you have a look at a feature of a

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