Education TOURS

"Not all classrooms have four walls." - Anonymous

Education is not merely what we gather amidst the four walls of our classrooms; it is also what we learn from Nature, peoples around the world, diverse cultures, various industries, places, things and a lot more out in the far & vast open. We must set sail and reach out to the world to experience it, for the sake of true Education.

For Students, this is made possible through Education Tours to international locations. For example, an Education tour to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) of the NASA in USA can certainly motivate Students to pursue education / careers in STEM streams (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics); post-tour, they would be more passionate about subjects like Astrophysics, Aerospace engineering, Astrochemistry. A vacation camp/tour to the Himalayas in India could teach them practical lessons about human survival in worse climatic conditions, or about human interdependence, or about spirituality, or about humanity.

The Global Village model in today's Information Age requires students to pick up global values, global attitudes, global smartness, global awareness and global contacts. ​The "think globally, act locally" principle assumes greater importance each passing day. Education tours, vacation camps and leisure trips to international destinations can be practical ways to enrich Students' global outlook, which can go a long way in their future professional & personal lives.


Trip to NASA

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of the USA is entrusted with "the mission to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research". An educational tour to NASA can be the most rewarding and enriching experience for students as it exposes the most sophisticated vistas of science & technology before them.

Many schools & colleges around the world conduct study tours to NASA to give their students a new perspective on life, which is based on scientific temper. They are given the chance of a lifetime to witness the tremendous developments achieved by mankind in the sphere of space science and technology.

We can arrange hassle-free tours to NASA for the Student community. Our services include Visa procurement, accommodation & travel arrangements, pre-tour briefings and all necessary documentation work.



Vacation Camps

We offer the following vacation camps:

  • STEM - Science, Technology, Earth Science & Mathematics (2 weeks):
    - Involves reputed faculty members from esteemed Universities like Oxford and Cambridge
    - Has the right mix of theory and practical classes, along with complementary visits to research laboratories
    - The various leisure activities add pep and vigor to the camp
  • SAT Preparation
  • Computer Coding
  • Leadership

We can arrange Visa, accommodation & travel facilities as required.



Study Tours

International tour & travel arms the student community with a global perspective on many aspects of life, which will go a long way in their professional and personal lives. They get to see the best of both local & global. They get to know the unknown.

We undertake the following study tours:

  • Trip to NASA
  • Skiing in SWITZERLAND
  • Skiing in GEORGIA