Study Online

The "Learn anytime, anywhere!" advantage is perhaps one of the best contributions of Internet to the world of Education. Being able to give & take classes from anywhere you please, any time that's convenient to you, for both teachers & students, is amazing! No traffic blues, no dress code pressure!

Online Education, as a specific Internet service, has been growing steadily for the last couple of years. The underlying software platforms (LMS - Learning Management Systems) have matured well, enabling one-to-one and one-to-many online tutoring models work smoothly and hassle-free.

We offer you technologically superior software platforms, along with a team of world-class tutors that covers a wide variety of subjects.


Our online tutoring for IELTS, TOEFL, OET can be a boon to working professionals with tight duty schedules. They can schedule classes as per their convenience, and steadily progress to realize their dream of migrating/working in their dream country.

School Subjects

Miscellaneous Topics

Let the topic of your interest be anything - like cookery, glass painting, or music; we can arrange online tutoring classes for you. Please contact us, and we will do the rest!

How Online Tutoring works with us

All that you need is a steady Internet connection, a computer and headphones with microphone. A webcam, digital pen & pad can be the additional desirable gadgets. You don't have to "install" anything to use our LMS.

1. You contact us, and give us your requirements.

2. We schedule a free demo session for you. The software platform and the lesson imparting style is verified

3. If you are satisfied, you buy one of our packages.

4. You can schedule classes as per your convenience.

5. We confirm the session, with a link/token to start the session at the scheduled time.

6. The tutor and you begin the session at the scheduled time. Our support staff monitors it.

7. We contact you to take your feedback. Complaints & suggestions are promptly handled.

8. You carry on with the package's remaining sessions.

9. On expiry of the package, you can renew it.