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You can learn any Language, and acquire the desirable proficiency in it from well-reputed Universities around the world through Miracle Learning.

To begin with, we are focusing on English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese & Korean because of their popularity and wide acceptance. Whatever is your intent behind the foreign language study, we will find the right program for you!


Foundation Programs (aka Pathway Programs or Preparatory Years) are usually one-year programs that are designed to prepare incoming undergraduate students for the graduate programs that they intend to attend in foreign universities.

Every university has its own standards in academics, basic language skills, etiquette and the like. The incoming student, may be from a different country & culture, need not be in line with the standards of the host University. Foundation Programs will fill the gaps, polish up the skills, and prepare the student adequately for the graduate program in the most efficient way. Without the Foundation Program, the incoming student may face difficulties in coping up with the graduate program, which could result in loss of valuable years, or even abandoning the course midway!

While most Foundation Programs are designed to give foreign students a comprehensive base for university studies in the host country, there are programs that are degree-specific as well. If the student has already made the decision as to which degree he or she must pursue, the degree-specific Foundation Program can be undertaken. In every case, students will get proper training in time management, communication, research, study skills, stress management and other soft skills that will set them on the solid path to success in their university programs.

Besides filling the gaps in academics, Foundation Programs have other advantages as well:

1. They help international students to absorb the culture & traditions, as well as the climatic conditions, of the host country/locality, which is important for the comprehensive success of their graduate or higher programs. In other words, students become familiar with the host country before their graduate program begins.

2. During the course of study, students get time and better opportunities to find out the University that best fulfills their requirements. They can visit various Universities across the host country, check the scholarships and other grants that they offer, learn more about their camps, and attend admission fairs before making the final decision.

3. They give a second chance for students to choose the best professional course that is aligned to their skills, natural talents and career dreams. Mingling with students from all over the world, over the Foundation Program duration of twelve months, each student gets a much better visibility of what he or she really wants.

4. They can save time, energy and money in unfortunate cases where the student is unable to cope up with the conditions of the host country, say climatic.

A year of preparatory study can be the key to your all-around success!

University Programs

We facilitate admissions to Graduate, Undergraduate, Diploma & Certification programs primarily in Medical, Engineering, Business Administration, Finance & Accounting disciplines, in Universities across the world.

If your requirement is for some other branch of study, say 'Marine Biology', please speak to us. We will be very glad to offer every assistance to you.