“Know Your Child First” Book by Dr. K.R. Jayachandran

Nov 27, 2020


The duty of parents to “Know Your Child First” is critical in today’s Information Age like never before. The numerous options as well as challenges that this age presents in the fields of higher education, career opportunities, and professional & personal lives is its main reason.

Knowing your child closer enough to guide him/her through the labyrinth of today’s fierce & complex world, is the first & foremost responsibility of parents.

The book “Know Your Child First” by the enthusiastic Educator Dr. K.R. Jayachandran from Saudi Arabia is highly valued for the information, advices and guidelines that it is packed with. It not only addresses parents, but also teachers, counsellors, social workers and everyone who deals with children at their tender developmental ages. The book empowers its reader to identify kids’ common learning problems. It arms the reader with tricks and strategies to help their kids succeed in Education and their social lives.

The book was officially released on 20 Nov 2020 by H.E. Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, the Ambassador of India to KSA.

The 274-pages book covers all important aspects related to the education of children, especially of those children with special needs. The language used is lucid and unambiguous.

Miracle Learning Solutions strongly recommends Dr. K.R. Jayachandran‘s book “Know Your Child First” to all our friends, partners, clients, social media associates and well-wishers.

We wish Dr. K.R. Jayachandran all the best for his future endeavors!

You can buy the book online by visiting this link.


Miracle Learning Solutions’ special interest in the Book:

As a facilitator of quality educational services, Miracle Learning Solutions has always stressed the need for knowing our children first before choosing their higher education and career paths. Our Psychometric tests, which is the prelude to our Career Guidance and other educational services that includes our “study abroad” programs, is precisely intended for this purpose.

In order to achieve the best results from this “Know Your Child First” exercise, we must begin at a very early stage, like from grade 3. Miracle Learning has partnered with Singapore MathGym for their world-famous Flintelligence (Fluid Intelligence) program that’s intended for students between grades 3 and 8. This program begins with the assessment of your child’s FIQ first (Fluid Intelligence Quotient). It then takes the child through very systematic training on critical thinking, analytical thinking, lateral thinking, logical thinking, mathematical reasoning, visual reasoning, decision making, speed math etc.

Your child can take this FiQ assessment test for free.

You must use the access code FIQ201 while filling up the form, to avail this offer for free.





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