Sathwik’s Nature Photography

Nov 20, 2020


Say Cheese!… cause here’s an ambitious photographer who loves to snap what he sees. In fact, He defines nature photography through his clicks and shares it to the world. He indeed lives and adores the nature and his mind works like the midnight elves in duty. Nevertheless every picture of his has a beauty of its own, I mean just look at the picture above, it’s one of the best from the stack.

Grade 10
Jnanodaya Bethany English High School, Nellyady, Mangalore

The Cock and it’s Little Explorer


The nature's sky

The nature’s Sky


The natural maroon Plant

A Croton Plant in Sathwik’s Front yard


Stream of nature

A small stream flowing down.


Stream flow

The continuation of the flow


River Flow

A part of the Puthige River running across Sathwik’s farmhouse


Good work, Young Man!
Keep shooting, keep improving, keep growing!





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