Psychometric Assessments

The importance of Career Guidance cannot be overstated! Our careers shape our lives, and we must choose them with adequate preparation, proper introspection and great care. Professional Career Guidance will certainly help us at the most critical crossroads of our life.

Your choice of career must be aligned with your mental capabilities and behavioral style, which Psychometrics is all about. If you choose a career where your strengths and potentials can be best made use of, it would most likely give you happiness, peace and success.

Our Psychometric tests and assessment programs will comprehensively evaluate your skills, natural inclinations, abilities and behavioral patterns. It will identify your personality type, attitudes, talents and strengths. We will then propose the career streams that will suit you the most.

Career Guidance Programs

With inputs from the Psychometric tests and assessments, a comprehensive career plan for the Student is prepared.

Our career guidance/counselling program would

  • Give better self-knowledge to the candidate
  • Educate the candidate about the constantly changing work-space of the 21st century, of the Information Age
  • Fill gaps between the candidate's aspirations and actual potential, if any
  • Identify optional/alternative career paths, if the originally preferred ones don't work out
  • Improve the decision making skills and self-esteem of the candidate
  • Maximize the career options for the candidate
  • Be beneficial to all - students, parents, school administrators, teachers, dropouts etc

Our expert panel of career counselors will ensure that there is absolutely no grey area with regards to careers, in the minds of our candidates.

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