Sisa’s Best Friends Forever

Oct 2, 2020


Everything you see has something featuring behind it, surprisingly we humans make those stories because we are the only ones to have the mind to understand. Talking of stories, why don’t you have a look at a feature of a 13 year old’s life about her Best Friends Forever.

Sisa Siby
Grade 7, International Indian School, Riyadh.

My Best Friends Forever

For me, my Best friends are like my siblings. They are amazing, awesome, trustworthy, I’m running out of words. I love them so much. We spend most of the time either chatting or hanging out.

I have best friends that are not part of my childhood Linett & Nuha and that are part of my childhood Vedha and Lakshita. They’re very sweet and have kind personality. I personally would never forget them. Oh! my bad that’s why they’re called best friends forever.

Veda is an year older than me. Here’s how we became friends, long story short her mom and my mom were friends. So, that’s how we became best friends forever, she’s a supportive person just like her family.

Next, Lakshita; she’s the same age as me. We became friends, through our moms. She’s so awesome to hang out with and is kindhearted. We usually call her by the name Lucky.

These two are my childhood best friends. Since I live in a different country we don’t really talk that much but when I travel to India, we hangout most of the time and chat about what’s going on with our lives and all that fun stuff.

On the other hand, these are my friends living in Saudi Arabia.

First is Linett. We actually met in a community gathering, when I was playing with her friends and she walked up to me and told me that they’re her friends and that I should stop playing with them (in a nice way) then I was like “OK”. However, our moms were talking to each other. We both walk up to our moms and they introduced us to each other. That’s pretty much how we became best friends. She’s a loving-kind and an amazing person.

Next is Nuha. We met at school. Our friendship was born when I changed my third language from French to Marathi because the only French teacher in our school, left. That’s how I became a part of the class where the Marathi girls were. Then my class teacher introduced me as the new Marathi girl. Nuha was like ‘huh! new Marathi girl?’ I’m also a Marathi girl… She was kind of loud and then onwards we also became BFFs. Sometimes we have fights but that’s again the sweetest part of friendship. She’s a funny person and she makes our whole class laugh always.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to the other, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” – C.S. Lewis


Good work, young lady!
Keep writing, keep improving, keep growing!




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