Freequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the registration deadline on 30th June 2021, while the program is scheduled on 23rd August 2021?

A: We must have a minimum of 100 paid registrants to conduct this program. Moreover, the payments have to be transferred to Kennedy Space Center, USA at least 40 days in advance to confirm the seats. The shipment and distributions of the camp kits to each individual will take around 2-3 weeks. Hence, it is important that everyone interested in the program should register and pay before 30th June 2021. We will be forced to cancel the program if we do not get the minimum number of paid registrants before 30th June 2021.

Q: Is this program interactive? Since there's going to be at least 100 participants per batch, how interactive can that be?

A: The interactivity consists of Q&A via the chat room. Educators may sometimes ask questions in which the participants can type in their response. Groups may also ask questions and the Educators will respond live. KSC encourages larger groups to email their questions to the Education Team ahead of time, and the Educators will address those questions during the camp.

Q: What's the maximum strength allowed per batch?

A: 499 participants is the max.

Q: I am a Saudi national. Can I participate in this program?

A: Yes. This program is intended for all nationalities in Saudi Arabia. However, ability to speak English fluently is necessary. It is ideal for students of ages 7 to 9 (with parental assistance) and 10 to 15 (independently).

Q: It is said, "A certificate will be issued to all participants who successfully complete the Camp by KSC". What's the criterion/criteria for the "successful completion"? Some kind of test? Or just attendance? If I miss one or more sessions for genuine reasons, will I still get this Certificate? Kindly make this point clear.

A: “Successful completion” is just a matter of semantics since many virtual campers miss activities and later complete them using the videos. There will be a certificate provided for each paid participant of the program and the certificate will be included in the kits which are received prior to the start of the program.

Q: Is there an end-of-course assessment?

A: No. However, there are three engineering design challenges that the teachers could use as an assessment if they want to.

Q: After enrolling into a particular batch and making its full payment, can I move to a later batch? It's not cancellation, it's request for postponement.

A: No. We do not have a later batch scheduled at this point.