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Why is the Virtual Camp at Kennedy Space Center one of the best programs for your kids during the pandemic period?

February 24th, 2021 by

Dad, I’m bored! How long will I have to stay indoors?!”

The pandemic days seem to have lowered my daughter’s interest in academics! How can I rekindle it?

When will my School reopen? When will they take us on the NASA trip that they promised last year?

COVID-19 has had its toll on each one of us. Some way or the other.

  • School Education is one of the most affected societal aspects because of the global pandemic. Our kids have missed their “second homes” for almost an year now!
  • Kids of ages 7 to 13, especially, cannot be kept away from Schools or Educational Activities for longer durations because of their marked sensitivities. You have already introduced them to formal education (ages 7 & 8), taken them along the path of school education for a few years (ages 9 to 11), and prepared them for high-schooling (ages 12 & 13). A longer loss of “touch”, or “interest”, or “caring”, may seriously affect their ability to learn. The damage can vary kid to kid.

Introducing the Virtual Camp at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) @ NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), USA!

  • What can be more invigorating and exciting than a program from NASA, one of the most prestigious organizations of the world, during these troubled times?
  • Study Tour to NASA” has always been one of the most valued educational programs for School Students all over the world. With COVID-19‘s break-out in the early months of 2020, the program got suspended for obvious reasons. As the pandemic continued to keep the world locked-down, NASA designed the Virtual Camp Program @ KSC, with its first batch attending the Camp in July 2020. With the Virtual Camp Program, NASA resumed its journey to empower every young mind with knowledge of Space, and more importantly, it demonstrated man’s unwillingness to bow down before disasters!
  • The whole program is online. Your kids would never miss the comfort or safety of their own homes!

So, what’s this Virtual Camp at Kennedy Space Center?

It’s an online program, offered for three or five consecutive days. There would be three sessions of three hours each for the three-days program (option 1), or five sessions of 60-80 minutes each for the five-days program (option 2). Each session would be loaded with highly-engaging fun activities centered on NASA-based Science & Engineering, focusing STEM learning.
(STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

You can learn more about this program from KSC’s official website.

Miracle Learning has associated with KSC to arrange this Program for KSA Students!

If you are in Saudi Arabia, participating in this exciting program is very easy. Please go through the details, including our Program brochure (which has the day-wise program schedule) on our website. Register your kid(s) with us for the program, and we will do the best possible launch of this wonderful program!