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April 2nd, 2023 by
  • Unparalleled co-op program. UToledo is one of just eight programs in the U.S. to require a co-op experience for all engineering students. Bioengineering students complete three semesters of paid work:
    • In the biomedical device industry (developing biomedical devices and innovative health-care solutions)
    • At major medical centers, such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and the University of Pittsburgh (conducting cutting-edge biomedical research)
  • UToledo’s program makes you more marketable. Our accredited program has a broad focus unique to bioengineering programs. We require undergrads to have proficiency in the three focus areas of bioengineering: biomechanical, bioelectrical and biochemical.
  • A smart pre-med major. Bioengineering majors are accepted into medical school at higher rates than students with physical sciences degrees due to their technical expertise and problem-solving skills. UToledo’s bioengineering undergraduates acquire:
    • Research skills valued by the best medical schools
    • A technically-rigorous education that prepares them for advances in medical technologies
    • All pre-medicine course work requirements integrated into the bioengineering program of study
  • Bioengineering offers a variety of pre-med pathways.
  • Joint Bacc2MD Pathway program with The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences. Accepted students who fulfill program requirements are guaranteed an early-admission medical school interview, no MCAT required.
  • Specialize. UToledo bioengineering majors tailor their course work in specialized areas such as biomechanics, biochemical engineering, manufacturing and quality control, medical imaging, and tissue engineering. We offer state-of-the-art laboratories and classes.