Colorful Depictions of small minds – Shruthi Joe

Dec 4, 2020


One of the most important activities a student can do is drawing. Not only does it provide the framework for other artistic practices, such as painting, sculpture and printmaking, but it also provides a clear connection to reading, writing and mathematics in particular. Its the single most open form of art available. All you need (to begin with), is a pencil and a sheet of paper.

Talking of pencil and a sheet of paper, if you scroll down, your only view would be the colorful arts done by a small mind or to be more specific, a small mind with huge imaginations.

Grade 5
St. Joseph High School, Pune
Crayon art

The lady of Music


The divine meet


The merry blue Environment


The symbol of imagination while sleeping


If this didn’t rejuvenate you, Your on the wrong planet… mundane!


Good work, young lady!
Keep drawing, keep improving, keep growing!





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